Bill  Ortis

Bill Ortis

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First Name * Bill
Last Name * Ortis
Username * lionhart
Country * USA
City Glendale
Nationality American
Languages English





Former designer and working in the vehicle engineering and testing sector. Formerly also in vehicle design and manufacturing and also drafting and concept art. My present business creates Flight Simulation detailed addon aircraft packages that people can purchase and load into Flight Simulator X and also the new Prepar3D Training Simulator. My firm has worked with Corporations such as Quest Aircraft, Epic Aircraft, Socata Aerospace in France, Aerospool, and continue to grow cilentel monthly.

I formerly worked for Range Rover Engineering, Chrysler Corporation, several kit car companies, Sadler Aircraft Company and BMW. I also started my own car company in 1986, to build a sportscar that would have been either jet turbine powered or electric. The firm ran out of funding and had to fold.